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Beautiful Swimmers Documentary

Beautiful Swimmers Documentary

For a soulful take on the Blue Crab:

beautiful swimmers book“It’s been 40 years since William W. Warner’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book introduced us to the creature that’s been captivating diners and scientists alike ever since.

Now, the Bay Journal presents Beautiful Swimmers Revisited, a documentary by author Tom Horton, photographer Dave Harp and filmmaker Sandy Cannon-Brown. This special project was produced with support from The Shared Earth Foundation and other donors.

Horton narrates the film’s journey around the Bay to look in on those who catch, study and eat blue crabs. He meets with scientists from the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, whose expertise on blue crabs is unmatched, as well as crabbers who’ve been pulling them from the Bay for generations.

Harp’s iconic images of the Bay, fishermen and the beautiful Callinectes sapidus weave the story together as it’s told from kayaks, fishing boats, research vessels and Horton’s 21-foot skiff. The crew traveled from Baltimore Harbor to Virginia’s Tidewater to retrace the life cycle and story of the crab.

The film demonstrates how science has evolved since Warner’s day to better understand the behavior of this enigmatic shelled creature and how it fits into the complex ecology of the Chesapeake Bay.” – Bay Journal

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