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Bringing Seafood Inland

Bringing Seafood Inland

When the Seaview Crab Company truck pulls up at its Spout Spring location to deliver fresh seafood for the weekend, Kim McDonough stands ready to help unload the truck.

Aided by Robert and Tommy, two of her assistants, the coolers are quickly pulled off the truck and the wide assortment of fish fillets, crabs, shrimp, crawfish and clams are placed in the display area.

Spout Springs Roadside MarketThere’s no time to slow down because even though the market doesn’t officially open for another two hours, customers are already lining up at the stand.

A soldier from nearby Fort Bragg has stopped in on her lunch break to order crabs and shrimp.

“I’ll come back later and pick them up,” she tells Kim.

Kim nods as she writes the order down and tells her that she’ll have them ready.

“There are a lot of people from the base that come here,” Kim says. “But we also have many customers from nearby neighborhoods. They spread the word and each week we have new customers.”

Though it may be 90 degrees before noon, with a 95 percent humidity reading, Kim zips through the Spout Springs market cool as a cucumber, getting everything ready for the weekend.

“I was a horticulturist for 20 years and I always worked outside so I’m used to it,” she says. “It doesn’t bother me.”

She answers the phone, and begins a discussion with a customer about the kind of clams they need for a get together they are having over the weekend.



After asking a few questions, Kim makes a recommendation and the customer orders 300 clams to be picked up Saturday morning. “We have a lot of people pre-order,” she says. “Some of our customers order every weekend, usually blue crabs and shrimp. . . A lot of shrimp.”

Sunday afternoons are “Sunday Sellout,” and Kim offers the remaining seafood to customers at reduced prices. “I love this job. Why? Because they have great, quality of seafood and they don’t cut corners,” she said. “The owners – Nathan, Sam and Joe – it’s a pleasure to know them. They are innovative and they work hard. I admire them.”

She pauses.

“And they admire me too,” she says. “It’s wonderful to work at a place where you are valued.”


Seaview’s second inland market is in Tramway, just up the road from Spout Springs on Highway US 1, near Sanford.

The location of the market, nestled between Jackson Brothers Produce and Stubbs & Sons BBQ, provides easy access from the road.

And, even with soaring temperatures, the stand has a steady cool breeze wafting through the area.

“I’m not sure why, but we always have a great breeze in here,” says Sarah McNeill.

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