Top 10 Reasons to Protect Commercial Harvest from Special Interests

Commercial fishermen are a great source of fisheries data. Every commercial catch must be documented by law VIA the NCDMF. Their work gives us the data we need to make smart science based management decisions that ensure sustainability. If commercial...
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Eat Fresh. Save Money. Live Better.

Ready to eat fresh local seafood? We’ve got you covered. North Carolina has some of the best seafood in the world. Wanting to eat fresh, local seafood, people are sometimes bewildered and overwhelmed by the array of choices in our fillet cases and...
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NC Field & Family: Seaview Crab Co. Represents a New Generation of Fishermen

  If you’ve ever visited or lived near the Carolina coast, you’ve probably cracked open a crab leg, sampled sautéed scallops or eaten oysters on the half-shell – all thanks to the state’s thriving aquaculture industry. But on the heels of...
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