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Chase Hall

Chase Hall

Walk into the Carolina Beach market when fishmonger Chase Hall is working and most likely you’ll find him cutting or cleaning a fish.

“I really like cutting, filleting fish,” Chase says. “From the get go, I loved cutting fish because it’s so much more than just selling our seafood. I’m creating something and putting my part into the retail.”

A senior at Ashley High School, Chase was working a part-time job at a local restaurant busing tables and providing kitchen help when he heard about an opening at Seaview.

“A friend of mine who works here came to me and suggested I bring my resume to the market,” he explains. “I did it immediately and was hired. This is so much better and more interesting than restaurant work.”

Though Chase grew up fishing with family members, he says there was still a pretty steep learning curve when he started at the market because of the vast varieties of fish.

“The hardest thing was getting to know our products and everything about them,” he says. “Where they are caught, how they taste and different ways to cook them. It took three or four months to sort of comfortably grasp that information.”

When he’s not working, you can find him hanging out with friends, exercising at the gym or at the beach.

Unless, he’s online buying shoes.

Yes, he has a shoe collection. He buys high end and unique (mostly Adidas) footwear.

Shrugging, he explains that after buying a pair of Adidas a few years back, he became interested in them and started monitoring the release of certain shoes/manufacturers.

“Different shoes are released each month and the rare ones sell out within seconds,” he explains. “But, some of them drop the prices at a certain point and when they do, I buy them.”

Fishmonger Chase Hall is all smiles when he’s doing one of his favorite tasks – cutting fish.

He buys them, wears them, and if he decides to resell them – it’s always for a profit because the shoes he buys increase in value.

“It’s getting to be a big thing,” he says. “A lot of celebrities are wearing these shoes.”

However, you won’t see one of his collectables on his feet at the fish market. He has practical work shoes for all the chores involved with being a fishmonger.

“I love the environment here, the people I work with,” he says. “And I like sending the customers home with tasty seafood – hopefully cut by me.”

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  1. Rebecca Kennedy

    I am so proud of you Quinton! I’m happy you are living what you are doing even if you might smell funky sometimes. I’m proud to call you my nephew and I love you so very much. You are turning into the man I always knew you were. Keep up the good work and keep them kicks clean.😘

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