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Chuck your Shucks!

Chuck your Shucks!

If you shuck em’ — don’t chuck em’…!

Did you know that according to the NC Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF), the current status of the oyster fishery in N.C. is “CONCERN”. Due to major declines caused by diseases, poor water quality, fishing pressures and habitat loss, there has been a “collapse of this once prosperous fishery here in North Carolina”.

Oysters — attaching themselves to hard surfaces — grow in clumps on pilings and concrete to survive…but their favorite place to grow is on other shells!

This is where Y O U can help! Please donate your used oyster shells to the public oyster recycling station at our 6458 Carolina Beach Road Market. Feel good that you are helping conserve this significant natural resource. After the shells have aged and there is no threat of any type of contamination, they are placed in the our NC waters to create new reefs.  One oyster can filter up to 50 gallons of water a day, so the larger and healthier our oyster population, the cleaner the water.

Other Public Oyster Recycling Stations in the Wilmington Area:

Carolina Beach: 

  • Carolina Beach State Park


  • Seaview Crab Company
  • Trails End Park
  • Airlie Gardens
  • New Hanover County Landfill


  • Wrightsville Beach DMF Lab


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