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Connor Reed: In the market and on the road

Connor Reed: In the market and on the road

Though Connor Reed grew up in Charlotte, he spent his summers fishing with his grandfather on the shores or from the pier at Carolina Beach. The salty air and sea life called to him and when it came time for college, Connor headed to UNC-W.

Last year, Seaview Crab Company fishmonger and former UNC-W student Mark Anderson, recommended Connor apply for a job at the Marstellar Market.

He took Mark’s advice and soon started work at the market. “I really like it,” he says. “My grandad taught me about cleaning fish, but when I started working at the market, I really couldn’t do it as skillfully as it’s done here. I’ve since learned how.”

Learning how to clean fish wasn’t the biggest challenge Connor faced when he started at the market though. He said that learning about the various seafood took time, as did remembering the prices of different items.

“It took me awhile not to have to take time answering customer’s questions,” he says. “I also didn’t realize all the things that go into the upkeep -the day to day tasks – of keeping a fish house.”

However, he was a quick study and within a few months of beginning work at the Marstellar Market, Connor was tapped to help with wholesale orders and delivery.

He enjoys the wholesale work, and when possible, interacts with chefs on his route to learn more about what they need and how Seaview can help them.

Though Connor doesn’t plan to pursue a career in the seafood industry (he’s recently received his degree in Biology and is considering further education), he is enjoying his job at Seaview.

“I like being able to pass fresh seafood to the public and they come back and give us good feedback,” he said. “We have so many different things, but so much local stuff and people love it. Plus, we get some really interesting people in the retail and a few of our customers really know how to make us laugh.”

Even fishing summers at Carolina Beach didn’t quite prepare Connor Reed for the tasks involved in working in a fish market. But, he says that he loves his fishmonger job at Seaview Crab Company. Meeting different people and having new experiences are something Connor seeks for his life. He recently returned from a trip to Nicaragua, where he joined a team of construction and medical experts to help the community.

“On the medical side, I helped them with the organization of the medicines,” he says. “On the construction side, we built a basketball court behind a church to give the kids something to do.”

Connor said the mindset of the people in Nicaragua really changed his perspective.

“All the things I take for granted and they don’t have any of those things – yet, they are so happy with so little,” he said.

In the meantime, Connor plans to continue working at Seaview and learning as much as he can about the business.

“I really love the people I work with at the market, and the environment here. Also, it is so interesting and cool to be a part of a rapidly growing company, “he said. “I will miss it whenever I move on to my career.”

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