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Fish skin chews your dog will love

Fish skin chews your dog will love

People eat fish to be healthy, why not dogs?

With that in mind, Seaview Crab Company recently began offering fish skin dog chews made from a variety of local fish.

“We’re not the first to think of offering fish skin dog chews,” says Winn Altman, fishmonger at Seaview, “but I believe we’re the first to expand the line to include not only Triggerfish, but also Grouper, Flounder and Mahi-Mahi.”

fish chewAltman and fellow fishmonger Greg Zimmerman, say they stay away from extremely scaly fish or those fish with very high mercury content for the canine chews.

“We have so many fish skins that it seemed a waste not to use them for a good purpose,” said Zimmerman. “By offering the chews, we have found an additional use for the skins, plus they are good for dogs.”

After filleting fresh fish, the fishmongers take the skins and place them in a dehydrator to make the chews.

“There’s nothing added to them,” Altman says. The natural treat has been a hit with regular customers.

Chris, a Seaview customer, bought three chews for Gunnar, his Yorkshire Terrier, prior to a joint fishing expedition.

“That dog is crazy about fish,” he said. “If I have these chews, he’ll stay away from my fish and concentrate on these.”

Located near the cash register in the market, the box of treats usually catches the eye of customers as they are paying for their fish.

A shocked “fish skin dog chews!” is usually the reaction from people seeing the treats for the first time, but the surprise is usually followed by an acknowledgement that the chews are a good idea for canines.

One woman comes in the market and buys a bagful of chews at least once a month for her dog. “My dog is allergic to other chews and dog treats, but can eat the fish skins,” she explains.

The chews cost a dollar each or three dollars for a bag of four.

“We have a coon hound and a chocolate lab,” said one couple that bought several of the chews. “They eat anything and everything. We’ll see how long it will take them to eat these.”

The chews are available at all of Seaview’s markets.


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