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Fishmonger Zachary Sweeney

Fishmonger Zachary Sweeney

Not long after Seaview Crab Co. opened its doors at their Carolina Beach Road Market in 2009, Zach Sweeney started working for the company.

Still in high school, Sweeney was looking for a part-time job when his father suggested working for the neighbors “down the street who had just opened a store.”

“My dad said that he thought they were looking for someone to sweep the floor, so I went and asked them,” Sweeney said. “They laughed and said they needed a little more help than floor sweeping, but they hired me.”

Called a “dock blaster,” Sweeney literally started from the ground up with the company.

He not only cleaned floors, he scrubbed walls, washed oysters, shoveled ice and stacked coolers.

“Sam, Joe and Nathan (Seaview’s owners) were running retail and I was learning everything about the seafood industry that I could,” Sweeney explained. “I was soaking it all in.”

As the business, and his knowledge, grew, Sweeney moved inside the store and began training as a fishmonger.

Not only did he learn about the variety of fish, crustaceans and mollusks available for sale in the market, he also learned how to fillet fish and the best ways to cook different seafood.

The youngest of five children, Sweeney moved to the coast from Ohio when he was four years old.

“I grew up on the water, going boating – I had a boating license when I was a teenager – and going fishing – mainly flounder gigging – with my dad,” he said.

Sweeney helped open the Marstellar market in 2014 and enjoys his current position as Retail Manager for Seaview.

“I like working here because it’s a learning experience,” he said. “It’s never the same, whether I learn something about seafood, other people or myself.”

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