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Happy World Wetlands Day

Happy World Wetlands Day

February 4, 2016:  World Wetlands Day!
Masonboro Island Reserve

masonboro wetlandA wetland is an area of land saturated with water. They include marshes, estuaries, mangroves, mudflats, mires, ponds, floodplains, and more!

Wetlands are essential breeding, rearing, and feeding grounds for
many species of fish and wildlife. These systems provide critical ecosystem services that contribute to healthy coastal and estuarine habitat. They also protect coastal communities by providing flood control and reducing shoreline erosion.

Did you know N.C. accounts for about 10-11% of the countries saltwater wetlands? Here at Masonboro Island Reserve, wetland vegetation includes spartina alterniflora, black needlerush, lavender, glasswort, and many others. Have you explored the wetland habitats at Masonboro Island Reserve?


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