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Jordan Fentress

Jordan Fentress

After working for Seaview Crab Company for the past four years, Jordan Fentress has developed a number of skills including problem solving, communication, customer service and cleaning.

The UNC-W student says that his apartment is clean because he’s so used to all the scrubbing that he does at the fish market.

“My roommates don’t want to do dishes, but I have no problem doing them. After all the washing and cleaning we do here, a few dishes are nothing.”

Born and raised in Wilmington, Jordan began working for Seaview when he was 15 years old.

“Zack Sweeney (retail manager at Seaview’s Marstellar Market) was my baseball coach and he was working here,” Jordan explains. “I’ve fished all my life and thought this would be a great place to work, so I asked him to let me know if they had any openings.”

Jordan began, like most of the other fishmongers, as a “dock blaster.” He cleaned coolers, packed product on ice and did janitorial type of work.

“After working here for a few months, I went from janitorial work to dealing with customers,” he said. “I’ve gained an identification with many of our regular customers – they know me and we have a good relationship.”

Jordan says the market has changed and evolved quite a bit since he began working at Seaview.

“The younger guys are trained on dealing with the customers much sooner than I was and some of them are really good at it,” he says.

In addition to going to school, surfing, skateboarding and working at Seaview, he also taught surfing in the summer at Carolina Beach.

He says he liked teaching surfing, but enjoys his work at Seaview more.

“I’m not afraid of working hard, I like the owners because they are relatable,” he said. “They are outdoorsy, like myself, they like to surf and of course they are interested in seafood.”

In addition, he said he really liked their energy and how they were always excited to have something new going on in the market. As part of a science project in high school, Jordan created -with the support and encouragement of Seaview’s owners – a small aquaponics system in the greenhouse behind the market.

“It’s just a cool place to work,” he said.

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  1. Susan Crawford

    A good place to shop for the freshest sea to table NC seafood too!!! Customer service training is working great. Although I have fished all my life there are still questions. The staff never treatss you like you are stupid for adking a question. I LOVE THIS PLACE.

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