Local Picks Pack

By purchasing a spring share, you will be supporting North Carolina seafood, commercial fishing families and our coastal communities.


Email us at seaviewcrabcompany@gmail.com with Local Picks Pack in the subject line.  Include in the email:

  1. Which market you prefer to pick-up at – at Carolina Beach Rd., Market Street or Marstellar St..
  2. If you want a single, half or full weekly share. SINGLE SHARE: $95, 1 pound of ready to cook NC seafood every week for an 8-week period; HALF SHARE: $180, 2 pounds of ready to cook NC seafood every week for an 8-week period; FULL SHARE: $350, 4 pounds of ready to cook NC seafood every week for an 8-week period
    e.g. Single Share Option for one week:  1/2 pound of vacuum-sealed Triggerfish Filet & 1 dozen clams
  3. Let us know the name and email of anyone who referred you to Local Picks Pack. We would like to give them a token of our appreciation with a $20 gift card – word of mouth is big for this program. Please read this whole page for info on seafood contents, sources, background, logistics, testimonials and more! Questions? Email Lauren at: seaviewcrabcompany@gmail.com

The spring Local Picks Pack will start Friday, April 28 and end Friday, June 16. Full payment is due on the first pick-up.


  1. Support the harvest of North Carolina Seafood.
  2. Support the economy of local coastal communities as well as commercial fishing families.
  3. Enjoy a variety of fresh and local – NC only – seafood. We will pick out the best selection for you each week.
  4. Try new types of NC seafood or experiment with new recipes on local seafood you’ve enjoyed in the past.
  5. Enjoy with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers! Be a vital part of building a community program in which we value your feedback and use it to help us make a weekly meal program that fits your needs.
  6. No waiting in lines for your seafood order; also, will get to know your local fishmongers.
  7. “By supporting transparent local fishing practices, you’re showing the big industry players where consumers’ priorities lie” – check out this article on Why Join a Seafood CSA
  8. Ready-to-cook packages! Fish are vacuum-sealed.
  9. Learn new seafood storage, handling and recipe tips.
  10. These nutritious proteins from the sea will compliment any meal.


“Love the opportunity to get local fish that we wouldn’t often purchase and try for an awesome price”

“It was so much fun to pick up each. Friday! It made my week. . You gave us some of my favorites and others I haven’t bought in a while. Great program!! Thanks so much!”

“We really enjoyed your program and especially want to let you know that your fishmongers are helpful and always gave suggestions. All your staff is very friendly.”

“I enjoyed it and looked forward to anticipating each week’s pick! I always shared each week’s experience at work just to make my co-workers jealous!”

“We love this program. It makes us eat more locally sourced seafood which we love, but we also love the staff.  I have recommended to so many people. Have a couple friends waiting for the next one to begin!”


Over the fall and winter, we offered a different kind of program called Local Picks Pack.

Participants in the program were enthusiastic about supporting local fishermen and eating North Carolina seafood. Feedback was positive, but there were some suggestions (such as offering a smaller share and gearing more towards the local seafood “favorites”) that we have incorporated for our spring endeavor.

Here’s how it works: Seaview Crab Company provides packages of fresh ready-to-cook local seafood weekly for customers signed up for the program. Our seafood is locally sourced from areas such as the Pamlico Sound, the Cape Fear River, the Topsail area, Masonboro Sound, the Atlantic Ocean and the fishing villages of Wanchese and Core Sound.

Pick-ups will occur each Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning at the market you choose (6458 Carolina Beach Road, 1515 Marstellar Street or 5740 Market Street).

NOTE: We may add neighborhood drop off sites at a future date – we are working on it!

Our Carolina Beach Road and Market Street markets are next door to Port City Produce – where you will find a dazzling array of local vegetables to pair with your seafood package. We will provide you with some recommendations as to which seafood and vegetables/fruits taste well together. (The Carolina Beach Produce stand may not open until later in April, but we’ll still give vegetable pairing recommendations.)

The Spring Local Picks Pack program will begin on Friday, April 28 and run through Friday, June 16. Pick up times are between 3:00 and 7:00 pm. You can also pick up Saturday until close but we advise you picking up on Friday because that is when fish are cut and everything is prepared.

Content of the package will contain a variety of delicious, North Carolina seafood. We will offer known favorites, but as one of our main goals is to support local fishermen and sustainable fishing, we will also be selecting some great fish that you might not know. Don’t worry – we’ll give you handling and storage tips as well as recipes to help you out. We pick out the best fresh and seasonal NC seafood for you each week. In our fall and winter packs, we had: tuna, wahoo, flounder, heads-off large shrimp, blue crabs, single select oysters, clams, golden tilefish, heads-on jumbo shrimp, triggerfish, cluster oysters, gray tilefish, and much more (see below).

For our spring packs, you can expect to see such NC seafood products as: Black Sea Bass, Catfish, Red Drum, Black Drum, Flounder, Grouper, Spanish Mackerel, Mahi-mahi, Sheepshead, Vermillion Snapper, Striped Bass, Swordfish, Tilefish, Speckled Trout, Tuna, Wahoo, Shrimp, Crabmeat, Softshell Crabs, Clams and Cultivated Oysters.

Size of the package depends on which option you select:

SINGLE SHARE: 1 pound of ready to cook NC seafood every week for an 8-week period. $95

HALF SHARE: 2 pounds of ready to cook NC seafood every week for an 8-week period. $180

FULL SHARE: 4 pounds of ready to cook NC seafood every week for an 8-week period: $350

Each package will contain recipes, seafood storage advice and other extras.

(NOTE: Payment for the entire eight-week period is required at the first pick-up)

To sign up: Email us at seaviewcrabcompany@gmail.com and put Local Picks in the subject line. In the body of the email, let us know:
1.  Whether you are interested in the single, half-share or full-share option.
2.  Also, let us know your market location pick-up preference.
3.  Let us know the name and email of anyone who referred you to this program. We would like to give them a small token of appreciation with a $20 gift card – word of mouth is big for this program : )

Past Local Picks Pack Selections:

Winter 2017
March 17:  Clams, Oysters, Wild Striped Bass & Snowy Grouper
March 10:  Wahoo, Middleneck Clams, Grey Tilefish
March 3:  Dressed Croaker, Golden Tilefish, Heads-on Shrimp
February 24:  Catfish, Heads-on Shrimp, Black Sea Bass
February 17:  Speckled Trout, Cluster Oysters, Flounder
February 3:  Tilefish, Cluster Oysters, Hybrid Striped Bass
January 27:  Swordfish, Jumbo Green Tail Shrimp, Select Oysters

Fall 2016
November 11:  Littleneck Clams, Tuna, Jumbo Shrimp
November 4:  Swordfish, Select Oysters, Live Blue Crabs
October 28:  Jumbo Heads-off Shrimp, Speckled Trout, Live Blue Crabs
October 21:  Triggerfish, Select Oysters, Jumbo Shrimp
October 14:  Clams, Black Drum, Jumbo Heads-on Shrimp