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Meet fishmonger Daniel Suggs

Meet fishmonger Daniel Suggs

From the age of seven, Daniel Suggs began kayaking around the Intracoastal salt marshes near his home with friends.

“My mom would tell me to go fishing,” he said, “and I would get in my kayak and go. I learned a lot about fish and fishing from experience.”

He also learns by asking a lot of questions.

“I like learning, knowing about things, so I ask questions,” Daniel says. “I wanted to learn more about fish, so what better place to work than Seaview?”

Yet he says that he has learned even more during his time working at Seaview.

“For example, I knew that red snapper, gray snapper and vermillion snapper were all in the same family, but I didn’t really know they were all white, flaky meat with moist flavor. And, I didn’t know Grouper and Tilefish were similar.”

He’s easy with the customers, respectful and friendly.

A customer comes through the door exclaiming “it smells like fish in here.”

“It does?” Daniel says in mock surprise, with a smile.

And the customer laughs, saying “I guess you’re used to the smell.”

“The strangest request I’ve gotten from a customer was from a man asking for white row. I told him that we didn’t have that and he just went on about how good it was,” Daniel said. He pauses. “I asked him if he knew what it was and he didn’t. He was really surprised to hear it was the semen sac from a male fish. I don’t know if he’ll ask for that again or not.”

He believes that he’s learning fish mongering from the ground up.

“I started with learning how to pack and clean, then cutting,” he said. “I still have a lot to learn, but even if I’m unsure about something, I always tell myself I can do that.”

Daniel’s recipe:


Shark meat has become one of Daniel’s favorite foods.

He shared a simple recipe he likes to use for shark:

Marinate the shark in Italian dressing for 30 minutes to an hour.

Toss on the grill for a few minutes


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