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October 2015: Welcome Autumn….

October 2015: Welcome Autumn....


October cool air — a welcome signal to commercial fishermen and seafood enthusiasts — means many of our local species will react to the annual cool down. They feed heavily, group in large numbers, disperse and finally disappear as winter creeps in.

Every species has a fall story. Blue Crabs fatten up and move from shallow creeks to colder deep water zones. Mullets and Spots group into massive schools large enough to shadow entire waterways. White shrimp grow to their largest size and mix with hard-shelled brown shrimp right off the beach. Salty oysters and clams begin their winter ripening and become ready for your next roast.

We depend on this natural abundance every year, as it shows the strength of our marine ecosystem. The benefits as a seafood lover are too many to mention! Bulk seafood availability and mild weather suggests outdoor eating with good company. Fully grown, nutrient-rich seafood is standard and variety is at its greatest.

So next time you feel the cool breeze of autumn, remember: The wild ocean, sounds, and rivers are brimming, local harvesters are gearing up and it is time for you to enjoy some of our best coastal resources.

-Sam, Joe and Nathan, Seaview Crab Company Owners


Enjoy the following links for our photos from our fall shoot, seasonal recipes and how-to’s to help make your harvest table the very best!

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