Live Crab Policy

Live Crab Policy:

Our orders are packed with the freshest and most lively blue crabs. Each crab is assessed one by one to assure that it goes into the box alive.  Our methods for shipping Blue Crabs are tested and we continue to improve.  This being said, blue crabs are extremely perishable and may die during shipping, especially during hot temperatures. We include extra blue crabs with your order to help compensate for normal death loss. Due to our diligence with handling and packaging we do not accept responsibility for dead loss.  Once the package is in route, the crabs are your responsibility.  We suggest someone being available for pickup as soon as it is delivered. Crabs will be slow from cold temperature of the box.  If there is any movement, mouth is bubbling, and/ or claws and legs are held up close to body then the crab is alive and fine to eat.