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Peek Inside our Carolina Beach Market

Peek Inside our Carolina Beach Market

At Seaview Crab Company, we believe there’s more to selling seafood than ringing up a pound of shrimp or fish at the cash register. Behind every mollusk, crustacean, mussel or fish, there’s a story of how it came from sea, river, farm or lake to the market and ultimately to your home.

  • We want you to know us, our markets, the people providing us with delicious seafood and we want you to understand the importance and future of our seafood industry.

  • We want you to know the back story of our products, the how and the why of seafood production.

  • We want you to know us and we want you to know why “moving seafood forward” has become a way of life for all of us at Seaview.

Every week we’ll meet you here – at our blog spot – to tell you our story, stories about our fishmongers, fishing tales, industry trends and more.  We want you to know us and we want you to know (and love) our seafood.crabs sign

From the moment our markets open at daybreak to the time the sun throws its last rays across our “Crabs Live” sign, we work hard to move a variety of fresh and delectable seafood out of our doors.

And while we’re talking about our markets, why don’t we take a peek inside the Carolina Beach market and see what’s happening . . .

It is barely past daybreak when Seaview’s morning fishmonger Kyle pulls up in the parking lot to open the store.

His first order of business is to get the shrimp display ready because the market’s first customers are usually fishermen.

This morning proves no different.  Before the store is officially open,a truck pulls into the parking lot and three men exit the vehicle.

“Got bait?” they chorus as they walk in the store. One heads to the shrimp display while the other two check out the inventory in the bait freezer and cooler.

Shrimp, mud minnows, bloodworms, squid, or popeye mullet are among the favorites for fishing lure.

The men ask Kyle what’s biting.

Sea Mullet

Sea Mullet

He shrugs and says that people are catching a lot of sea mullet, but that some folks have also been getting red and black drums.

The men leave and Kyle continues to ready the market for customers. Fresh fish are transformed into shapely fillets, crabs are culled and brought into the store. As the displays take shape, the morning customers keep trickling into Seaview Crab Company.

One of the fishermen digs in his pocket and pulls out all the change he has and throws it in the tip jar. “I always catch something when I tip,” he says.



One man fishes on his way to work, a sales rep fishes between appointments and others buy bait to store in their coolers until they get off work later in the day.

As the morning progresses, more people arrive in the market and now there is an even mix of bait shoppers and customers purchasing seafood for their evening meal.

Seafood deliveries continue throughout the day and the display counters explode with more fresh fish, feisty blue crabs and glistening shrimp.

Another day at the market comes to an end as evening approaches. The last car leaves the parking lot, the open sign is turned off and seafood sales are over for the day.

Catch you next time.

-Barbara Arntsen


  1. Donna

    Love me some Seaview fish!
    Tried the catfish in a new recipe that was excellent. Take fish out 10-15 minutes prior to cooking, pat dry and salt. Heat saute pan and drizzle with enough olive oil to reach the sides of the fish (not covered). Take 2nd sauce pan and spray or oil the bottom side. Place fish into hot olive oil and rest the greased saute pan on top. Saute for 3-5 minutes depending on thickness of fish or until the sides start to get crispy. Cook about 2/3 of being done, flip and finish cooking. Oh so good… tender, juicy and incredibly flavorful.

    1. Seaview Crab Company

      Thanks for the feedback Donna! That sounds delicious! Glad you enjoyed the catfish.

  2. John

    What happened to that handsome fellow who used to open the store when you guys first got started. He was bit older but boy was he on the ball.

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