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R.I.P Timmy Edens: Fisherman, Family Man, Friend

R.I.P Timmy Edens: Fisherman, Family Man, Friend

There is no question that without Timmy Edens, Seaview Crab Company would not be where we are today.  In our early years when we were selling crabs roadside, we learned quickly that we needed high quality shrimp in order to grow our business.  We asked around Sneads Ferry for the best shrimper to work with and Timmy Edens was the name we heard most.

Timmy set our standard for high quality shrimp every time we purchased from him.  He cared about how well we did selling his shrimp and we truly felt he was a member of our team.  Many times he would throw in some extra fish to ensure we would return and we always did.  We use this same practice today with our customers and it rarely fails.

For us as early seafood entrepreneurs (Sam, Joe, and Nathan), Timmy set the example that you could earn a solid living, raise a family, and own a home — all while doing the real and meaningful work of seafood harvest and sales.  Throughout our formative years, we continued to work with Timmy buying clams, shrimp, flounder and much more.   If you’ve bought shrimp or clams from us you have likely enjoyed Timmy’s seafood.

We always had questions for Timmy’s wealth of knowledge.   He had saved money to purchase a shrimp boat at age 19 and shrimped from the Pamlico Sound to the Florida Keys during his youth before returning to Sneads Ferry to shrimp, fish and harvest shellfish in his home waters.   He taught us the great lesson that you don’t know unless you try. Timmy’s curiosity always had him searching for a better way and his never ending energy had him guessing and testing constantly.

His passion for working on the water and relentless ingenuity were second to none.

Men like Timmy don’t come along often and can be overlooked because of their selfless giving nature, humility and tireless work ethic.  He will leave a legacy to us of passion, curiosity, efficiency, and overall true grit.  We will forever remember him and continue to instill his values in ourselves and our company.


  1. Rand Batts

    I am proud that Timmy is my friend. I helped coach him in Little Leauge baseball many years ago,and have watched him grow into a very hard working man,He loved his family and friends and showed it! He was proud of what he did,and he did it well. The Sneads Ferry community will miss him very much,but I promise he will never be forgotten. This small fishing village has seen a lot of good watermen come and go,but none any finer that Capt. Timmy Edens.

  2. steve midgett

    Yes Timmy was really a great person always so nice. we Sneads Ferry home people will always miss him and think about him all the time what a good man he was i will continue praying for his family God bless them.

  3. Donna Kennnedy

    I did not know Timmy Edens but we are probably related somehow down the line. I am so sorry , not only for the family’s loss but for his community as well. He sounds like the kind of man communities need to have more of. Sail on into that never ending horizon, Mr Edens, sail on!

  4. Randy & Missy Coston

    What a legacy to leave behind. What an honor and a priveledge to have known someone with such character. Timmy was a friend to Randy and I and we will never forget his words of encouragement. He leaves behind a family, and a community who love and miss him dearly but better because we knew him. Hugs and prayers♥

  5. Stephanie Brinson

    Such kind and beautiful words. Timmy truly was one of a kind with the heart of a giant. Eric an I are blessed to call him our dear friend and thankful to be a part of his wonderful family💙

  6. steve rhodes

    Rest in peace my long ago friend, it’s a sad day to hear of your passing will all ways remember your days shrimping in saint Helena sound sc

  7. David Beresoff

    One the best commercial fisherman and friend . Sail on brother !

  8. Elaine Logothetis Jack

    I worked with Timmy in 2000 and 2001. He was a man of dignity. His knowledge of the our local waterways was immense.

  9. Tim Kozusko

    Had the pleasure of working with Timmy and his family on the Cape Fear dredging project in 2000-2001. He understood his gear and the water. And, if you paid attention, you were treated to his devilish sense of humor. To his family I offer my condolences for your loss.

  10. Neil n sue

    We love u Timmy ! Neil n I miss you so much!!when we see the water we will always see n feel you !

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