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Seafood Beauty

Seafood Beauty

Have you ever thought of adding seafood to your list of beauty products?


Most of us know the cardiac health benefits of eating a seafood diet, but how many people look at their dull hair and think they need to eat more shrimp?

Or say: “It’s time to eat fish – my skin is dry.”

Seafood is rich in keratin-producing protein, which makes hair strong. If hair doesn’t receive enough protein, it may start thinning.

Fish – especially fish like tuna, salmon or mackerel – is chock full of omega-3 fats which restore significant oil to the skin. These omega-3 fatty acids also aid in the fight against psoriasis. Omega-3 fats can’t be produced by your body, so you have to get them from food.

And the best source for the full benefits is fish.

According to the American Health Association, fish oil supplements can help, but nothing beats fish itself for delivering the healthy vitamins, minerals and protein your body needs.

Selenium, also found in fish, is sometimes referred to as an anti-aging mineral as it eliminates toxins in the skin.

Eat a half dozen oysters and you’ll have five times your daily requirement of zinc. Zinc helps build proteins making it another essential nutrient for strong hair.

Not an oyster lover? No problem. There are other delicious seafood options waiting to deliver this essential mineral to your body. Lobsters and crabs both have a good amount of zinc, as do shrimp.

Shrimp also contains a carotenoid – astaxanthin- which can protect the skin from premature aging. And the healthy levels of copper in shrimp prevent hair loss, contribute to hair thickness and intensify hair color.

Don’t forget clams as part of your beauty routine. Clams are a great source of vitamin B, copper and iron. These are key nutrients for hair growth.

Ready for your new beauty regime now? Add some fish, shrimp, clams or oysters to your weekly diet for a delicious path tor shiny hair and glowing skin.

Catch you later.

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