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Seafood Seduction

Seafood Seduction

Let seafood take the place of chocolate this Valentine’s Day because, unlike chocolate, seafood is sugar free, low in fat and high in a myriad of vitamins.

Plus, they are the perfect mood-setting foods.

From the days of Greek mythology, seafood has played an important role in the art of seduction and romance. A popular version of the birth of love goddess Aphrodite says white foam arose from the sea and within the foam “a girl grew.”

This girl, Aphrodite, floated ashore on a scallop shell.

No wonder scallops are considered an aphrodisiac.

But they aren’t alone in the seafood world. Some other foods associated with increasing libido include oysters, clams, shrimp and lobsters.

Eat a couple of oysters a day to receive a full day’s supply of zinc – which is a critical component for normal functioning of the male reproductive system. The well-known lover Casanova used to begin each meal by eating a dozen oysters.

Lobsters also are a good source of zinc and vitamin B12 – another nutrient vital to maintaining the right mood for a romantic encounter.

A 2005 study found that the amino acids found in bivalves (oysters, mussels, scallops and clams) have the potential to raise sexual hormone levels.

Clams are brimming with iron and protein, which makes them excellent sources for sustained energy.

Not to be left out, Salmon also has a reputation for being a natural aphrodisiac.

It too is an excellent source of protein and is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have proven to elevate the serotonin levels in the brain and thereby enhance and promote passion. Salmon is also rich in Vitamin A, D, B and in calcium – all of which are known to increase desire.

For an extra boost in the romance department, pair your seafood choice with other known natural aphrodisiacs, such as avocados, pine nuts, chocolate, asparagus and honey.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, plan some of these luscious and delicious dishes that make us feel “in the mood” for love.

Go ahead, seduce that special someone with a seafood medley.


Recipes for Valentine’s Day:

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