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Seaview Crab Company to Expand

Seaview Crab Company to Expand


By Liz Biro

8 January 2014


Marstellar Market, Interior, FishThe Seaview Crab Company on Carolina Beach Road that started as a roadside seafood stand grows this spring when owners launch operations at a former meat processing plant at 17th and Marstellar streets.

Seaview proprietors Nathan King and brothers Joe and Sam Romano recently purchased the 6,500-square-foot building that once hosted a meat plant and later Cape Fear Fish Market at 1515 Marstellar St., Sam Romano said.

He said the trio will retain the Seaview store they operate from a leased building at 6458 Carolina Beach Road.

A third of the new facility will be dedicated retail space, offering North Carolina fish, shellfish and the live crabs on which the men, also fishers, built their business.

Other areas hosting massive coolers and freezers will serve storage and wholesale aspects of the business. Later, one area may serve as a weekly market for restaurant chefs and owners, Sam Romano said.

Seaview has outgrown the Carolina Beach Road store, limiting the business’ ability to increase wholesale, shipping and online retail angles, Sam Romano said. Additionally, he said, the men saw a need for a seafood retail market in the downtown/midtown area.
“We’re envisioning this as more of an everybody and anybody market,” Sam Romano said.

The seeds for Seaview were planted prior to 2009 when the three childhood friends from Virginia Beach, Va., started crabbing while in college. They sold their catch from the back of a truck, which they still do near Fayetteville. They also now offer online seafood sales.

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