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Top 10 Reasons to Protect Commercial Harvest from Special Interests

Top 10 Reasons to Protect Commercial Harvest from Special Interests
  1. Commercial fishermen are a great source of fisheries data. Every commercial catch must be documented by law VIA the NCDMF. Their work gives us the data we need to make smart science based management decisions that ensure sustainability. If commercial fishermen can’t harvest how will we know what’s happening in our fisheries?
  2. These resources belong to all citizens. Our seafood is a public trust resource (no one person or group owns the water or resources) and commercial fishermen are the only link millions of ordinary citizens have to access wild caught North Carolina Seafood. When commercial fishermen are unfairly targeted public access is marginalized.
  3. Commercial fishermen continue to innovate toward cleaner fisheries. Fisherman have come up with countless methods to improve our harvest methods with sustainability in mind. They continue to improve upon methods in response to regulatory change and by their own volition. Check out Turtle excluders, fish excluders, crab pot cull rings, skimmer trawls and more.
  4. Commercial Fishermen exemplify the American Spirit. Commercial harvest at its core takes total commitment to succeed. Commercial fisherman work as oceanographers, meteorologists, accountants, businessmen, engineers, and risk managers. When their craft is always at risk to special interests, their knowledge and dedication is trivialized.
  5. Good Resource Management involves non biased assessment. When fisheries regulation unfairly targets commercial fishermen then equitable resource management fails. Regulations should be a way to protect resources not merely target commercial harvest.
  6. Lawsuits & Petitions can’t be status quo methods for managing fisheries. These are not the intended way to manage.   These should only be used in extreme circumstances and should not become commonplace because they obstruct lawful fisheries management.
  7. Science and politics cannot coincide. When scientific analysis is politicized and reduced to a means to produce political results then science based resource management is absent.
  8. Our Natural Resources mean livelihood, food AND sport equally. When sport outweighs livelihood and wild seafood access then our culture and citizenry suffers.
  9. Using money, power, and subversive techniques to influence policy is bad practice…. in any form government. Using money to influence politicians and distort scientific data should be condemned by anyone that cares about fish and fishermen.
  10. Seafood Infrastructure; Fish Houses, seafood trucking, and commercial fishing docks are being lost ….quickly. In the past 20 years, the industry has lost a substantial amount of commercial fisherman, fish houses, fishing methods and infrastructure. This reduction in effort has drastically affected consumer access, fishing communities, markets and restaurants. This fact must be considered in how we regulate and value our commercial industry for the future.

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