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Winn Altman

Winn Altman

If you’re an early morning Seaview Crab Company customer, chances are you’ve met Winn Altman during one of your market visits.

Most mornings, shortly before daybreak, Winn arrives at the Carolina Beach market to ready the store for the day.

He’s been doing it for so long that he has the process down to an exact science. He started working for Seaview in 2011, while still in high school.

“My dad is a boat mechanic and he was working on the boats for the owners of Seaview,” he said. “They said they were looking for someone and my dad recommended me.”

Like most of the other young guys starting out at the market, Winn began as a dock blaster. This meant he had to do whatever needed to be done outside of the market. He cleaned coolers, washed oysters, unloaded trucks and washed the dock.

Eventually he made it into the retail where he learned to run the register, cut fish and soaked up knowledge about the seafood industry.

He became an expert fish cutter and (half-jokingly) says he’d like to have a competition with Timmy – an expert fish cutter at the Marstellar store.

Along the way, he graduated from high school, earned a degree from Cape Fear Community College and last year became part of the market’s management team.

“Primarily I’m the maintenance manager,” he explains, “though I will help with training and in other areas where needed.”

Winn likes precision and consistency, which is evident in the work he does for the company.

He is often working on something that needs fixing, installing or adjusting in either the Carolina Beach or Marstellar markets.

He decided to stay with Seaview after graduation for several reasons. He likes the versatility of the work he is doing, enjoys his co-workers and feels that there is more job security in working for small business.

“If a contract gets canceled with a big company, there’s a greater danger of being laid off,” he said.

Married, with three young children, Winn says that time away from work is spent with his family.

“I love my kids,” he says. “And that’s one of the reasons I really like working with co – managers Kyle and Greg, because they are both fathers as well.”

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